Building bridges Exhibition 7 Aug 2023 - 28 Aug 2023 11am - 5pm

Posted by Martin Hyde on

I'm pleased to be part of a group art exhibition as part of the building bridges residency which is showing at Artcore Gallery in Derby. The show runs 7 Aug 2023 - 28 Aug 2023  11am - 5pm - 8 Albert Street, Osnabruck Square, Derby DE1 2DS

Martin Hyde Art work

Here is a bit of information about the work I am showing.

I created these art pieces in reaction to my artist residency in Germany. They explore being taken out of your comfort zone when you have issues with your mental health. They also explore extending beyond your perceived limitations and new horizons. 

Part of the work was created in Germany, and the rest in England after we returned. The large abstract paintings were painted instinctively based on how I felt in Germany and the UK. The paintings use a combination of gestures, colour and symbolism which have been developed in previous works to express the complex emotions I had experienced.

In the past I have predominantly been a painter, but in these works I have explored new materials. I was very drawn to soft textiles perhaps because of the cushioning they provide or perhaps as my mental health has improved my own edges have become softer. I combined quilting and pillows with my canvas paintings.

I would like to thank my fellow artist, Caroline, who was great fun, supportive and inspiring. I also enjoyed creating some pieces together with her. 

Germany was a great experience, which helped me grow as a person and an artist, so a big thanks to Artcore and Hase29.

I hope you enjoy the work and it inspires you to new experiences outside your comfort zone.

Here is some information about the exhibition aw a whole

Historically, Osnabruck (in north-west Germany) stands on one of the most important trade routes of Europe. Geographically, the modest city is situated in the mid-north in central Europe with links all over Europe from mediaeval times to the present day. It is twinned with 5 cities, one of which is Derby. Derby has acknowledged this twinning by naming the most important space in downtown Derby as Osnabruck Square.

Before the pandemic began, Artcore was working on developing links with Osnabruck to explore possibilities of cultural collaborations of different kinds between the two cities. Artcore partnered with Kunstraum Hase29 for the Building Bridges residency.

In May this year, two artists from Derby, Caroline Ainsworth and Martin Hyde, spent the week exploring the city of Osnabruck and creating artwork. The artists had the exciting opportunity for intercultural sharing of experiences and ideas whilst developing artworks that serve as a bridge between the two communities. The residency coincided with Osnabruck's Maiwoche festival. The artists reflected on the various links or points of references between the two cities and what binds them or could potentially bind together.

Their works will be exhibited in the Artcore Gallery from 04/08/2023 - 26/08/2023.

We will also be having 2 artists from Osnabruck, Eva Gruter and Vivian Blum taking part in the exhibition.

The launch event will coincide with the Summer Switch OFF.

Its a great exhibition with 40 plus artworks, I hope you can make it.